Farrier Steve Teichman takes a break from shoeing U.S. Eventing Team horses.

The team shoeing was for the most part uneventful (no pun intended). Jeff Newnham, a good friend and English farrier, picked me up at Heathrow airport late Monday morning. We drove for two hours to the Cotswolds area of England were the team has been training since June.

As you can see from the pictures, the barn is huge. There is plenty of area for us to set up in and work. There is also plenty of area to set up and work and a good indoor arena with lots of light. With most English barns, you'd be working outside or in a small, shed-row type of space. With all the rain they have been getting, this would have presented a problem.

For this trip, we had 11 horses to shoe, normally about a half-day's work at home. But here, we spent two days doing the shoeing, since we needed to be sure to get things just right.

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