Very few topics have the potential to stir up a hornet's nest like hoof-trim theories. Among these, you'll find approaches that have years of use, while other theories have emerged in recent years, stressing different landmarks or stress points as the purpose of the method.

Hoof nipper care and maintenance begins with proper usage of the tool. Use the tool for its intended purpose and store it properly when it is not in use.

Still, as different hoof trim theories find favor with devotees or disdain from detractors, the hoof nipper, as a tool used for trimming, has endured through it all. Manufacturers of the tool have introduced innovations over the years, like new alloys used to make the nippers or handle styles, but the basic principle of the hoof nipper hasn't changed in decades. The same is true for care and maintenance of the tool. There aren't any surprise tricks you can use to get more life out of hoof nippers, only a blend of awareness and repetition.

This is how some hoof-care professionals approach the subject.

  1. Start With Reliability
  2. Don't Get Nailed
  3. Keep Them Clean, Keep Them Safe
  4. Stay Sharp