Since I began shoeing horses in 1957 and teaching farriers in 1964, I have observed many positive things in the way of innovations and products that have improved the life of the American farrier. Most of the significant changes have occurred since 1974.

Here are, in my opinion, here are improvements in the farrier industry in the last 35 years, ranked in importance according to my perspective.

1. The American Farriers Journal.

2. The Principles of Horseshoeing.

3. Bruce Daniel’s formula for handmade shoes.

4. Jack Kohler’s formula (tape) for handmade shoes.

5. Ken Mankel’s gas forge.

6. Dave Willis’s gas forge.

7. Don Jones’s N C Tool gas forge and anvils.

8. Cliff Carroll’s gas forge and anvils.

9. Bob Schantz’s gas forge.

10.N C Tool’s hoof knives.

10. Frank Ringel’s hoof knives.

11. Myron McLane’s aprons.

12. Lessiter Publication’s Farrier Classics books.

13. John Claudon’s Anvil Brand sliding plates.

14. Scott Colson’s weighted shoes (punched and blanks) and RCH wedges.

15. Curtis Hamilton’s bonded Double Nail Pads and wedges.

16. Lee Green’s Farrier’s Pride pads and wedges.

17. Lee Green’s bar stock shear invented by Frank McGinnis.

18. Lee Green’s Ward and Story hoof gauge.

19. KB aluminum egg bar shoes and wedge heeled shoes.

20. Joe Brandau’s aluminum heart bar shoes.

21. Delta’s steel bar shoes.

22. Vettec Composite hoof repair materials.

23. Equilox hoof repair materials.

24. American Farrier Association Conventions.

25. American Farrier’s Team, formally North American Farrier’s Team.

26. Nordic Forge’s  horseshoes and hand tools.

27. GE hoof nippers are superior to all knock offs.

28. Brent Chidsey’s Stone Well truck bodies.

29. Lee Liles’s National Farrier Museum in Sulphur, Oklahoma.

30. Mustad’s horsenails (especially MX 50) and forging tools.

31. Bob Coulombe’s Equine Forgings shoes.

32. Fran Jurga’s Hoof Care and Lameness Journal.

33. Frank Gravlee’s Farrier’s Formula hoof supplement.

34. Bill Pieh’s Centaur Forge mail order supplies.