Hoof-Care Product Roundup

Sedecal USA


Benefits of the WEPX–V10 for Equine

12 hr. plus battery life

Compact Pelican carrying case

Glove friendly touch screen

Full keyboard

Can be used as a Ttblet

WiFi to panel – no wires

Equine measuring tools

Equine, not human, algorithms

25mm x 30mm detector has thin edge

Wide temp range of operation -10 to 50 C

Moveable handle

5 yr warranty

The most cost-effective system

No service contracts required

Fast acquisition time

Plus Includes 2nd PC and free mini PACS  


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Vetray USA

Sunrise Farrier Supply Forge

The Model H is a versatile 2 burner forge that will serve you well in either your rig or your shop with a maximum temperature of 2912°F.

The 2 burners can be regulated independently from each other, allowing you precise control.


The One Piece Refractory (Liner) prevents heat dispersion at the edges, allowing the forge to reach and maintain temperature quickly and with minimum fuel pressure. 


Equipped with 2 lateral holes in the metal structure, you can cut holes in the liner to allow for easier bar stock forging. 


Other Blacksmith models also available from Sunrise Farrier Supply. For details call 417-554-1773 or visit sunrisefarrier.com.

Sunrise Farrier Supply Forge