What Does it Take to be a Successful Farrier?

Here’s a list of the traits successful farriers — and none of them involve luck

Any web search on “how to achieve a goal” will yield a seemingly endless list of articles. Likewise, search on “why are some people more successful than others” to find even more advice on self-improvement

Think about those farriers with tremendous “talents,” yet fall short of their goals to achieve their ultimate goals. Or those who fall short, but continue to surround themselves with unmotivated naysayers. In both of these circumstances, many who fall short ignore the truth staring at them. Often, these lead to projection and jealousy, looking at farriers who hit their goals as people who “just got lucky” and don’t deserve their success.

Farriers are a unique group of dedicated individuals who must work and study hard to advance their lives. It takes years after attending schools and/or an apprenticeship to simply find out where you want to work, what type of work you want and then, and only then, think about the financial part of being a successful farrier. During that time, mentors, associates and like-minded people generously share their perspectives on what it takes to succeed. However, some of them have strong opinions on the subject, but wear blinders as to why their goals have to be met.

What Does it Take?

From the decades I have invested into this industry, I know there are no shortcuts. The qualities of success for a farrier are not different from many other industries. However, this can be more complex for farriers when factoring in reasons like personality…

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Dave Farley CF, APF-I

Dave Farley is a farrier based in Coshocton, Ohio, and Wellington, Fla. He is a 2008 inductee of the International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame.

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