A Successful Farrier Practice Starts with Setting Client Boundaries

Farriers are self-employed small business owners. Each one of us wants to work hard and earn lots of money. That’s possible, and with a little thought, we can make just as much money with the same amount of effort or less

We all have 24 hours to accomplish what we want to on a given day. Each of us has priorities that are important to us — family, friends, hobbies, work and whatnot. We can achieve this by setting boundaries

Drawing Lines

I run a multi-farrier practice where I send my guys out to quality local accounts. I typically work from home. The majority of my clients haul their horses to me 4 days a week. I go out to one big place a week. One of the lines that I’ve drawn is I don’t work weekends anymore because I’m a family man and I enjoy being with them and doing whatever they’re doing.

One of the greatest parts about being self-employed is that we get to make our schedule. If you’re doing things that you don’t want to do, you’re the only one to blame because you’re deciding what to do. So, you need to set some boundaries — some hours of operation. You need to make a plan because if you’re not making a plan, you’re planning to fail. That’s an old saying, but it is so true. If you just wander through life, whenever someone calls you and they ask, ‘Can you shoe my horse?’ They don’t…

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Lee olsen

Lee Olsen

Lee Olsen, CJF, APF is a certified journeyman farrier from Brock, Texas. Online courses are coming soon to olsenequine.com

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