There are many challenges in operating a farrier practice. Among these, making the correct business decisions can be the most challenging. How much should you charge for trimmings or shoeings? Where can you find new clients? How do you keep good clients? These are among the most common questions for farriers to discuss. What are the farrier business questions that keep you up at night? Bring your questions to this live session and gain the insight of Dave Farley, a Hall of Fame farrier who current shoes top English show horses.

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About the Speaker

Kevin Keegan

Throughout his career Dave Farley has been a clinician and educator. He has given clinics throughout North America and Europe. One of his first mentors, Frank McGinnis was very generous with his knowledge and asked Dave to also give back. He has done that with his business as well as through his shoeing clinics and seminars with dedication and passion. Dave's first mentors were Fritz Bookman and Frank McGinnis.

Farley never attended a farrier trade school but has visited many, giving clinics and seminars about the skill and business of farriery. His education like many others in the 60s and 70s consisted of apprenticing with many farriers sharpening his skills on several disciplines. He shod his first horse for money in 1967. His career includes Standardbred, Thoroughbred and Quarter racehorses, reiners, dressage, hunters sand jumpers. He is also a past resident farrier at the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.