Razerhorse Shoes

The Razerhorse concept was designed to mimic the natural function of the hoof while offering the protection needed for today's performance horses. Razer shoe's special tempered tool steel is much stronger than traditional steel shoes while being almost as light as aluminum. The revolutionary design gives both traction and slide where horses need it most while still allowing flex to support the natural movements of the hoof.

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EasyShoe Performance N/G

Enjoy the benefits of a barefoot protocol without having to apply and remove boots each time you ride. The new EasyShoe allows the hoof to naturally expand and contract laterally and vertically. The open sole design assures complete breathability of the sole and frog.

Manufactured with the latest in polyurethane technology, the EasyShoe dramatically reduces concussion on hard surfaces, yet offers maximum durability and longevity.

The EasyShoe has already excelled on the flat track and in the endurance, dressage and sport horse disciplines. The EasyShoe may also be used to help offset chronic symptoms of thin hoof walls, sensitive heels, quarter cracks, slow hoof growth and reverse palmar angles.

Each of the four EasyShoe models stays on the hoof for the entire trimming cycle, and may be nailed or glued to the hoof.

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