Victory Nails

  • Cold rolled
  • No burrs
  • Drive smooth and true
  • Raised head marking — FEEL the difference!
  • Exclusive “lock-in” feature

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NANRIC Aluminum Drop Forge Narrow Full Rocker Narrow Shoe with Insert

The Aluminum Drop Forge Narrow Full Rocker Narrow Shoe with Insert is a narrow version of the Full Rocker shoe drop forged in aluminum. The new shape saves you precious time and effort and is quite easy to open up and fit a wider toe. This versatile shoe can also double as a hind pattern and has a steel insert in the toe for added strength and extended wear. It is currently available in 3 sizes. This shoe is also an aid to enhance rigid sole growth, and it offers farriers and vets a new option for treating a variety of problems that are associated with thin, painful soles. Lateral radiographs are helpful in trim and shoe placement, as well as an aid to evaluate progress.

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Equiflex Horseshoes

Equiflex horseshoes are the most advanced horseshoes on the market. Developed and manufactured in Germany, Equiflex products are superior in quality and performance. Equiflex USA is located in Moab, Utah and ships shoes and products all across North America. Equiflex provides:

  • 60% better shock absorption compared to metal shoes
  • Lightweight: 1/3 compared to steel, 3.5 oz a shoe
  • Best sole protection
  • Frog support
  • Easy application, easy sizing
  • Choice between gluing or nailing
  • Excellent traction
  • Next day shipping
  • Ongoing customer support at no charge

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