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Below you will find Part 2 of the latest question and answer installment that you can share with your footcare clients.

Q: What is the connection between selenium and a healthy hoof?

By Emily Dickson

A: Selenium is considered a trace mineral. It is especially important with horses because too much — or too little — can be detrimental and even fatal.

Selenium is a highly important mineral in the antioxidant pathway, which is why it is crucial among horses for recovery, endurance and metabolism.

Inorganic selenium is easy to spot on feed tags and will be listed as “sodium selenite.” Organic selenium, on the other hand, will be listed as “selenium yeast.”

Be careful as some feeds use a mix of both types of selenium. For the best results, choose feeds that contain only 100% selenium yeast.

Emily Dickson is the lifestyle marketing manager for Alltech, with company headquarters based in Nicholasville, Ky.

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