Glue-U Revolutionary Modern Materials 

Shufill Urethane Pad Material in 4 Durometers.

250cc cartridges fitting in standard caulking guns. Offers protection, cushioning and support for the hoof sole.

Shufill Hoofpacking

Lightweight impression material for shock absorption and protection. Easily mixable and shapeable.


Acrylic glue for bonding horseshoes and hoofwall repairs. Available in 150cc and 420cc black and beige.


Glushu is a flexible cuff bonded to a specially designed aluminium horseshoes. This gives the horse a light, hoof supporting, cushioned shoe which eliminates any stress or damage to the horse’s hoof and is easy to apply. Glushus are non-invasive, completely eliminating the risk of hoof injury due to risky nailing. Also available as a mini version for foals or small ponies.

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Emerald Lake Flexible Horseshoes

The Emerald Lake Horseshoe is a polyurethane horseshoe designed to recreate the strength, toughness and durability of the natural hoof while allowing it to flex and absorb shock.


  1. Available in standard sizes 000-8 regular and wide.  Glue on or nail on, can pre-drill holes or nail through.

  2. Are durable, simulating the natural hoof while increasing protection and still encouraging circulation and growth.

  3. Provide full support and are comfortable on the frog and sole.

  4. Provide excellent rock protection and good traction without creating too much friction or binding with the ground.

  5. Feature an intelligent design of the sole that does not cling to dirt or snow- they are easily picked out and won’t snowball. 

  6. Are durable and are great for year round or off season use to allow for improved hoof function.

  7. Sizes range from 000 up to 8

  8. Each size available in 2 widths to accommodate most hoof shapes.

  9. Sold by the pair.

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Equilox I Slower Setting Formula Adhesive Hoof Repair System

Equilox I Slower Setting Formula Adhesive is an extremely strong resin that can be used for anything from repairing small quarter cracks to reconstructing an entire hoof wall, yet flexible enough for easy filing, shaping, and even nailing.

Set time: Sets in 6 - 8 minutes, final cure in 10 - 13 minutes at 70° Fahrenheit

Shelf life: At least 6 months from fill date (as stated on label) — or longer if refrigerated

Note: Equilox I 150 ml Stubbie Cartridge fits into regular caulking gun. Recommend Large Applicator Mixing Tips. Also requires a stubbie adapter with the regular caulking gun.

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