Hanton SynergiSticks Aluminum Kit and Steel Kit from Broadline Farrier Solutions

Keep costs down and give yourself unlimited options! With the new Hanton SynergiSticks Aluminum kit or the Hanton Steel Tab kit you can create glue-on shoes out of any steel or aluminum horseshoes already in your truck. Our kits come with the Hanton tabs, 4 blisters, toe tape, a mixing tip and gloves. SynergiSticks are included with the aluminum tabs for easy application to aluminum horseshoes. The stainless steel tabs are applied by traditional welding methods. You apply the tabs to the horseshoes of your choice and glue them on using the Hanton system.  

And for those who need shoes ready to go we continue offer our full line of aluminum and steel shoes!

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Anvil Brand Fast Set 

The Anvil Brand Fast Set came from a desire to offer a fast set acrylic at a fair price-the best price in the industry. Used for a variety of hoofcare applications, Anvil Brand Fast Set is typical of other Acrylics offered in the industry, and uses the same applicator gun typical of a two part product. We just simply have the best price in the industry-as usual.


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Anvil Brand Hoof Poly


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The Anvil Brand Hoof Poly replaces our old two-part poly hoof-wall repair with a thicker viscosity and a simple applicator gun process. No more mixing cups, gloves, and messy applications with heavy odor. Just place the cartridge in a typical applicator gun and use a mixing tip or stir it up like any ordinary epoxy adhesive.