Nature Farms Cobra Shoeing Box

  • The Cobra line of shoeing boxes: Cobra I (tubes), Cobra II, Cobra Lite, Baby Cobra
  • Top Grade ABS plastic makes a durable, lightweight box that will last years and years.
  • 4-inch Industrial casters gives The Cobra it's famous maneuverability!
  • Pre-drilled frames for customization and ease of assembly.
  • Available in black and green!
  • Contact your local dealer.

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R.H. Kass Shoeing Boxes

R.H. Kass tool boxes are rugged, cast aluminum construction, bolted together for easy dismantling or replacement of any part. Seven different models! Our boxes have been in service for nearly 50 years — they’re “Cast To Last!”

The Magnum is the ultimate shoeing box designed strictly for shop use and the individual who demands the very best. It is equipped with a top nail tray that is capable of holding six 1-pound boxes of nails. With a molded handle and rubber casters, the Magnum has a 4-1/4 inch wider wheelbase for greater stability and maneuverability. It also has two angled tool trays and two blade-saver knife holders.

The Superior Shoeing Box is the second largest tool box in our line today. Designed for the farrier who works primarily in a shop or an individual who requires additional tool space. The Super Shop Box is equipped with rubber casters and two middle tool trays to keep your tools separated for easy access. The angle of the tray puts tool handles at your fingertips. The deluxe model also has a molded carrying handle. Each tool box comes with a blade-saver plastic knife holder.

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The Original Farrier Tower Tool Box from SomerSong Forge

  • .100 aluminum construction
  • 10 pounds
  • 3-inch industrial wheels
  • Six nail bin capacity
  • Four rasp magnets
  • Top tool layout
  • Three knife holsters

Efficiency and safety are our standard features. Our products are made one at a time and customized just for you. We have 35-years experience to assist you in your farrier work.

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R.H. Kass Anvil Welding Table

Designed to help the farrier with small jobs for modifying horseshoes including dropping in bars, applying Borium, soldering, welding, etc. Includes tray to hold a welding rod or stick of Borium. Sits approximately eight inches from the top of the anvil. Arm swivels from the pritchel hole; tray that holds the 4-inch by 8-inch firebrick swivels 360 degrees. Can be positioned directly over the anvil or pushed aside so you can use the face or the horn without removing the table from the anvil. Lightweight aluminum construction breaks down into two pieces — cast aluminum brick holder (table with tray) and the swivel arm. Swivel arm fits the 1/2-inch pritchel hole in a standard size anvil. Adapter block will allow arm to swivel in a vise, or turn it over and mount it to the top of your workbench with two screws.

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Equine Innovations Hoofjack

  • The solution for the leaning horse.
  • Pull shoe, trim, rasp and nail on a new shoe.
  • Dramatically reduces the risk of getting stuck with a nail.
  • Take your mind off your back and knees and put it back into your work.
  • Convenient magnet accessory for your hoof pick, nails, rasp, nippers, etc.
  • Allows the farrier to change shoeing posture without having to drop the hoof.
  • Made in the USA with a 3-year warranty.
  • Now in colors!

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