Five Disciplines Make Up the Majority of Farriers Work

Horses that work in five disciplines make up 61% of the total horses a typical full-time farrier handles in his or her footcare practice.

Discipline % Horses in Typical Farrier Book
Backyard 25%
Hunters/jumpers 13%
Trail, recreational   9%
Dressage 8%

— 2020 American Farriers Journal Farrier Benchmark Study


Growing Concerns About Having Enough Retirement Dollars

Among full-time farriers with organized retirement plans, many are not happy with the financial progress they’ve made toward having the dollars needed to sit back and enjoy life in their later years.

Only 8% are very satisfied and are investing more than the needed contributions to achieve their retirement goals. Another 34% maintain they’re satisfied and on track with needed contributions to meet their retirement goals.

However, 33% of farriers are not sure how well they are doing. The remaining 25% are dissatisfied with their funding and are concerned they will not have the necessary funds to reach their retirement goals.

— 2020 American Farriers Journal Farrier Benchmark Study








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