Triple Crown Nutrition's Triple Crown Balancer Gold Supplement is a highly fortified soy and molasses-free supplement for horses of any age. It is ideal for anyone looking to balance pasture/hay or improve nutrition in diets when feeding small amounts or when mixing with whole grains.

Balancer Gold contains Triple Crown’s EquiMix package, a proprietary blend of yeast cultures, organic minerals, prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes that helps optimize intestinal function, improve the immune system and protect against mycotoxins and pathogenic bacteria. This premium feed features optimal amino acid balance with the inclusion of leucine, which aids in protein synthesis for a strong topline. The addition of a seaweed-derived calcium source provides gastric buffering to help reduce the incidence/severity of gastric ulcers while promoting an overall calming effect.

Guaranteed levels of sodium and chloride provide electrolyte balance to help improve heat tolerance and reduce the chance of anhydrosis in horses.

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