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Shoeing an Eventer with Grant Moon

International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame member Grant Moon shares his approach for shoeing a high level event horse that has been on stall rest for 8 weeks after tripping during a competition and damaging its superficial digital flexor tendon. Moon conducts dynamic and static assessments then develops his shoeing plan for the hinds in part 1 of this Mustad Hoofcare series.


Obesity: The Silent Equine Killer

Horses that are overweight carry a significantly higher risk for developing laminitis, or insulin resistance, which further predisposes them to laminitis. Life Data Labs’ Mike Barker discusses the dangers of equine obesity and the role of proper nutrition in horse hoof and overall health. If you have clients with "fluffy" horses on your books, you might want to recommend they view this free webinar.



Quarter Crack Repair with Simon Curtis 

Quarter cracks occur due to chronic overloading of the quarters and heel area and farriers address them in a variety of ways. In this video, Newmarket farrier Dr. Simon Curtis shares his approach, including his foot trimming protocol, preparing the crack for repair, mixing the glue and creating the patch, applying the patch to the crack and applying the heart bar to the foot.


Shaping a Standard Max to a Hind Pattern

In this video, presented by Farrier Product Distribution, Lucedale, Miss., farrier Hank Chisholm, CJF, demonstrates how to shape a Kerckhaert Standard Max shoe to a hind pattern using the round horn of the blacksmith pattern anvil throughout the shaping process. This is a good option for any horse that needs additional traction behind. 


Making Farrier Research Accessible

Research is great resource, but how can it be easily shared and understood? English farrier Daniel Bennett, AWCF, talks to researcher Mark Trussler FWCF about the research he did for his thesis and how to make the outcome accessible to all. This is one in a series of discussions in Bennett's podcast "Lockdown Farrier Learning."

Daniel Bennett


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