Mane ‘n Tail Hoofmaker

An Unsung Hero — The Farrier 

Farriers are the unsung heroes who help keep our horses strong on their feet! Mane ‘n Tail Hoofmaker works with the farriers to help maintain stronger, healthier, more flexible hooves, making the farrier’s job easier! 

Hoofmaker conditions the coronary band, wall, sole and frog for maximum strengthening and flexibility, helping with good solid hoof growth. Hoofmaker treats the complicated structure of the hoof making cracks and splits a thing of the past! Keeping hooves looking their very best is what a reliable farrier does and so does Hoofmaker. We have been known to help people with their own nails, too!

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Banixx Horse & Pet Care Anti-bacterial/Anti-fungal Spray

Tired of hoof treatments that just don’t work? Switch to Banixx, the low pH solution to hoof diseases. Banixx has undergone rigorous clinical testing by a highly-credentialed veterinarian working with a certified farrier.

Cases involved severe thrush with plantar cushion infiltration to a flat-footed OTTB with 5 sub-sole abscesses to a case of chronic white line disease that had defied treatments for 5 years; Banixx championed them all, with no adverse effect on tissue. Banixx has zero odor to create fear in the horse — no burn/sting — customer wallet-friendly, and proudly made in USA.

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