In response to the high number of equine deaths at Santa Anita Park in 2019, a California state Assembly member has introduced the Equine Welfare and Safety in Horse Racing Act.

Ash Kalra’s aim for the bill, known as AB 2177, is to reform and improve horse racing in the state by eliminating the causes of death on racetracks. 

“AB 2177 tackles the practices that can lead to broken bones and death, including the misuse of medication, running horses with pre-existing injuries, utilizing unsafe racing surfaces and more,” says Kalra. “I look forward to working with the state regulators and all those working in the horse racing industry to enact bold action to protect both horses and jockeys.”

Kalra’s measure is the latest in a string of legislation in California and on the federal level after 37 horses died in 2019 at Santa Anita. California state Sen. Bill Dodd has introduced two pieces of legislation to improve safety, while the U.S. House is considering the Horseracing Integrity Act. 

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