Terra Horse's EVO Boot allows riders to apply a hoof boot easily on a variety of different hoof types. It can be heat adapted by a professional if needed, but this is only necessary if the shape of the hoof is more challenging (asymmetrical shape, flared walls, etc.) The EVO Boot is an intelligent hoof boot, promoting the hoof mechanism like no other boot. In addition to its sole support, it is flexible horizontally as well as vertically. It allows the horses to have a totally free movement experience, without any interference at their full extension and full flexion phase.

Every part of this Boot has been specially designed, to support the hoof mechanism — the curved sole, V-shaped accordion in the frog area, the Elastostop direct system and the bulb shield which is very flexible and can move in all directions with each motion of the horse without restraining it.

The EVO Boot features low weight and is constructed of very durable material. It achieves great grip on different terrain, and all parts are exchangeable and can be adapted individually. 12 different sizes are available.

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