EponaShoe is a high-tech polyurethane horseshoe which is designed to provide superior shock absorption to the hoof. EponaShoe protects the hoof while engineered for balanced flexibility. Time tested and designed to work for long-term use on horses in all pursuits — from international performance horses (USA Olympic Dressage Team) to therapeutic cases. Backed by research and solid engineering principles supported by 15 years of evidence-based soundness.

Watch our videos at: YouTube.com/EponaShoe/playlists. Look for the “How To” Series!

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Sound Horse FLEXX Direct-Glue Shoes and Series I Cuffed Shoes

FLEXX Direct Glue [on left]

  • Built using high temp, thermoset urethane with abrasive GRIT — grit concentrated at ground surface to deliver wear, grip & traction.
  • 40% lighter than aluminum shoes and will outwear forged aluminum.
  • grABS technology delivers 4x stronger glue strength with no shoe prep required.
  • Available in Sport, Roller Motion, Race/Training plates and Therapy shoes.

Series I Cuffed Shoes [on right]

  • Built on aluminum shoes (forged or CNC machined)
  • No nails! No hoof wall penetration!
  • Acrylic glue & fabric cuff deliver 2x the holding strength of 8 clinched nails.
  • Urethane rim pads — blue for performance, black for therapeutic — absorb shock.
  • No sole pressure!
  • Works with cracked, broken, brittle, thin, shelly hooves.
  • Gets the sore-footed horse back to work — NOW!

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