Easy’s Slipper®  Advanced Equine Comfort, LLC

When only the BEST will do, Easy’s Slipper is the choice.

✔ Provides relief for laminitis, navicular, ringbone...tendon problems

✔ Reduces stress on bones, ligaments and joints

✔ Allows for natural flexion of the hoof

✔ Provides exceptional shock absorbency

✔ Built in rocker & adjustable break-over to enhance movement

✔ Farrier and Veterinarian approved

Learn more at advancedequinecomfort.com and Facebook.com/EasysSlipper. You can also view product demonstrations and success stories on our YouTube channel.

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Öllöv has produced world leading rubbershoes with steel core for over 20 years. Offers added grip on most surfaces and absorbs both shock and vibrations. New model SoftStep (6mm steel 9mm rubber) is excellent for horses on hard ground but also for sporthorses, jumpers, dressage, endurance, sportdriving as well as for rehabilitation.

  • DuraStep model offers added durability for horses working on asphalt.
  • Scientifically tested and proven.
  • Dampens maxload.
  • Contributes to added bloodflow.

Available in the US at Well-shod.com and theshoeinshop.com for fast delivery.

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Hanton SynergiSticks Aluminum Kit and Steel Kit from Broadline Farrier Solutions

Keep costs down and give yourself unlimited options! With the new Hanton SynergiSticks Aluminum kit or the Hanton Steel Tab kit you can create glue-on shoes out of any steel or aluminum horseshoes already in your truck. Our kits come with the Hanton tabs, 4 blisters, toe tape, a mixing tip and gloves. SynergiSticks are included with the aluminum tabs for easy application to aluminum horseshoes. The stainless steel tabs are applied by traditional welding methods. You apply the tabs to the horseshoes of your choice and glue them on using the Hanton system.  

And for those who need shoes ready to go we continue to offer our full line of aluminum and steel shoes!

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