Life Data Labs' Farrier's Finish is a liquid hoof disinfectant that combats the "hoof eating" microbial invasions which cause white line disease, thrush and poor hoof quality. Farrier's Finish is also a hoof conditioner that supports correct hoof capsule moisture balance in excessively wet or dry conditions.

The unique blend of ingredients creates a barrier to moisture, thereby protecting the hoof capsule from softening during wet conditions. In dry conditions, the natural oils are retained within the hoof, lessening drying and cracking of the hoof wall. Stabled horses are often subjected to stalls containing varying amounts of excrement. Urine and feces produce high levels of ammonia which is detrimental to the tissues of the hoof capsule. Yucca plant extract, which is an ingredient in Farrier's Finish, binds with this ammonia, reducing its harmful effects. Farrier's Finish does not utilize harmful tar, petroleums or harsh chemicals.

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