When You Started Your Farrier Career, Did You Serve an Apprenticeship?

Some 68% of full-time farriers started their careers by serving as an apprentice.

A total of 41% served an apprenticeship that lasted more than 2 years. Another 19% apprenticed for 2 years, 18% for 1 year and 22% for less than 12 months.

— 2018 American Farriers Journal Farrier Benchmark Study


How Do You Handle Clients Who Refuse to Pay After You Work on Their Horses?

Options % of Full-Time Farriers

Pursue all legal avenues to successfully collect the outstanding balance.


Send a collection letter requesting payment and hope they pay. If they don’t, let it go.


Confront the client and request payment. If the client refuses to pay, repossess the shoes.

After trying to collect, let it go because it’s usually not worth my time to chase. 46%

— 2018 American Farriers Journal reader poll