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Farriers and veterinarians who wish to collect good data on the cases they see should consider getting to the next level in how they photograph and radiograph the hoof. Thanks to smartphone cameras, apps and now artificial intelligence — things are getting really interesting. During this webinar, EponaMind Vice President John Craig teaches you:

  • How to take effective photographs and radiographs of the hoof
  • The basics of image calibration
  • How artificial intelligence is here to do the work for you!
  • How to judge good alignment in radiographs of the hoof

John-Craig.jpgAbout the Speakers

John Craig, VP, EponaMind

John Craig has researched the hoof and shoeing systems for the past 20 years. He has authored papers related to equine biomechanics, and he has spoken extensively on biomechanics and the connection between machines and the biomechanics of animals.


Monique Craig, Founder, EponaMind

Monique Craig is a software engineer, author and inventor of EponaShoe. Craig has spent many years researching, trimming and shoeing the hoof — as well as riding and training. Her research has been presented at several veterinary and farrier conferences and in various publications.