An Anderson, Calif., farrier has been helping evacuate horses and other livestock from the Carr fire.

Jerry Kirk told KRCR News that he put out a notice a few days ago letting evacuees know that he has a stock trailer he can use to help evacuate animals that have been left behind. Since then, he’s been working tirelessly throughout the Igo, Calif., area to save as many animals as possible.

“I’ve moved over 200 animals in the last 3 days,” he says. “I’ve been getting more phone calls than I can keep up with.”

Kirk lives outside of the fire’s range and was not evacuated. In just one day, he was able to save 30 goats and four horses.

He also described how one woman called him for help saving her horses, but he was unable to get to them without being trapped within the fire himself.

“It’s sad, because I’m a horseshoer by trade and a lot of my clients live out here and have horses, and I don’t know what’s going to happen to them,” he tells KRCR. “A lot of them have called me and I can’t get to them.”