Life As A Farrier? Start Here

Pictured Above: One of the hallmarks of a great farrier is continuous learning.

Congratulations on your choice of industries. If it becomes for you half of what it has been for me, you are in for a great life. There are few jobs or industries that I know of that will give back like this one, so enjoy the ride.

Radio broadcaster Paul Harvey once quoted someone on his radio show who said, “Find something you love to do. Do that thing for a living. You will never work a day in your life.” As I look back on my career, I feel that there were never truer words spoken.

Like all jobs, there are the downsides — bad weather, bad horses, bad customers and just plain old bad days. However, those have been few and far between when compared with the good. Sometimes the bad horses and the bad customers became the game of the day and helped to break up the monotony.

Farrier Takeaways

  • Put the horse first if you are to succeed in this industry.
  • Do your best to find out what your weaknesses are, and then do what you can to improve.
  • Keep your standards high and bring your shoeing to the next level with every horse.

Shoeing horses is a day of breaks. While you are working at the anvil, you have a break from the horse. When you are under the horse, you have a break from the anvil. You will sometimes look around…

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Chris gregory

Chris Gregory

Chris Gregory is a Hall of Fame farrier and owner of Heartland Horseshoeing School in Lamar, Mo.

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