Hartwell Industries' Nicalloy XT Tungsten Carbide Composite Rod is a superior alternative to tubed hardfacing rod. It is a long-lasting, tough nickel-chrome-silicon-boron matrix with a hardness of 40 HRC. In addition to having a much harder matrix than tubed rod, the advantages of using Nicalloy XT are that there is no fixed percentage of carbide in the rod or limitation of grit size depending on tube diameter. Furthermore, it can be applied with a torch or in the forge.

Nicalloy XT is available in 0.3125-, 0.25-, 0.1875-, 0.1563-, 0.125- and 0.0938-in. rod sizes with carbide percentages from 50-75%. They are also available in individual "nuggets" for application in the forge.

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