VICTORY Copper Coated Nails

  • VICTORY copper coated nails can improve hoof health with regular use
  • Smooth driving
  • A head you can feel for better placement
  • Available in 4.5 Race, 5 Slim, 5 City, 5 Combo and 6 City
  • 100-count boxes
  • Copper coated in the U.S.A.

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The Future of Hoof Care is Already Here!
Easy’s Slipper® The Innovative Glue-On Shoe®

  • Easiest glue-on shoe on the market to install
  • Built-in adjustable break-over and rocker enhance movement
  • FEI and USEF approved for competition
  • Allows farriers the ability to customize (rasp, grind, cut, shape)
  • Reduces stress on bones, ligaments and joints
  • The ultimate therapeutic glue-on: provides relief for a variety of conditions (laminitis, navicular, ringbone, tendon problems, arthritis, thin soles, suspensory issues, keratoma surgeries and more)
  • Sizes mini to draft 9 available in open bottom, heart bar and closed bottom
  • Custom sizes available, too!

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Magnus Magnetica’s Hoof Pro

Introducing the world’s first complete Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field [PEMF] therapy system designed to provide treatments from under the hoof. Easy to use and easy to fit, the Hoof Pro delivers rapid relief, increases in blood flow and accelerates healing from conditions such as abscesses, bruising, navicular conditions, laminitis and thrush. The Hoof Pro Complete System is bundled with our new Magnus Compact Clinic (4.5 lbs) and Hoof Pro Kit (on right in photo) and includes a carrying case.

The Hoof Pro is perfect for farriers, trainers, owners, vets and those who focus on hoof-care. This complete system includes all delivery loops to treat the rest of the horse ... at an affordable monthly payment of just $200.00 with zero out of pocket for those with excellent credit.

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Mustad Libero

The versatile shoe for leisure and sport. The Libero shoe follows the natural shape of the hoof, providing the best support and protection for the horse.

  • Section-To-Size: Shoe dimensions change according to shoe size
  • Front and hind have definite left and right shapes
  • Slope heels for front shoes, upright heels for hind shoes
  • Suggested nail: Libero-ARC, Concave, EXL

Mustad Libero



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Mustad Equi-Librium AIR

The Equi-Librium AIR is available in front and hind patterns: Scientific studies prove the Equi-Librium principle smooths the process of hoof-unrollment. Equi-Librium AIR provides additional key features including:

  • Newly designed front pattern is approximately 15% lighter than standard Equi-Librium
  • Distinctive Equi-Librium rolled toe, more pronounced in the hind model
  • Concave section through the toe provides extra ground purchase
  • Added width in the heels for extra support
  • Quarter Clips in front shoe are positioned between the first and second nail hole providing additional stability to hoof and fit while maintaining optimal hoof mechanics
  • Punched for E-nails
  • Sizes: 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4

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Mustad DynaMic

  • Left and right hind pattern
  • Bumped toe
  • Built in sole relief
  • Additional support at the heels
  • More narrow in the branches
  • Front side clips positioned between 1st and 2nd nail holes
  • Punched for E-head nails








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