Delta Mustad Heller GR8AT Rasps

Exclusive Heller 8 teeth design, glides easy for more hoof removal, they are long lasting and are available in three styles for varying hoof size and conditions.

Depending on your requirements, Heller offers Gr8at Red Tang (360mm), Gr8at Legend(360mm) and Gr8at Big Hoof(430mm).

All Heller rasp styles are designed with a sharp cutting edge allowing for an efficient amount of hoof removal with little effort.

The Gr8at Red Tang & Big Hoof are often the choice for hard and dry hooves and the Gr8at Legend is commonly used for soft and wet hooves.

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Save Edge "The Beast"

The “Beast” rasp, available in both 14” and 17”, is our newest innovation. The extra width of these rasps provides 35% more cutting surface! The “Beast” rasp from Save Edge allows the farrier to achieve a level hoof in fewer strokes!

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Chris Gregory’s Signature Knife from Stockhoff's

  • Blade is made of high carbon stainless steel & has exceptional edge retention.
  • Curved from end to end for ergonomic advantage.
  • Allows for optimum leverage and carving.
  • “Rooster tail” option is available on select knives.
  • The blade is designed to allow the skilled farrier to achieve the optimum slope & cup to the sole.
  • Available at your local farrier supply store.

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