Anvil Brand JHM Legend 120 lb.

  • Made in the USA
  • No other anvil adheres to the amount of quality controls as the JHM Anvil — period
  • Our most popular anvil in the USA, resembling the old Hay Budden anvil
  • Traditional round horn design and is used in competition forging because of its stocky size and weight
  • Made of ductile iron, machined and heat treated in the USA
  • This is the highest quality anvil you can buy, with a 100% guarantee

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Handmade Shoes Vanvil & Truckvil Anvil Stands

NOW AVAILABLE IN THE USA! Vanvil & Truckvil are two unique anvil stands designed by UK Farrier Chris Powell and manufactured by Handmade Shoes UK. The anvil stays attached to the stand and just slides in and out of the vehicle — no more lifting anvils out of the van!

  • Truckvil (shown here) takes up less room than a tripod stand. It’s footprint will depend on the size of anvil used.
  • Truckvil is more stable — especially for shoemaking and punching stud holes.
  • Truckvil stays level — even when the van is parked on uneven ground.
  • While Vanvil is universal, Truckvil comes in two versions — depending on truck bed height — LoTruck and HiTruck.
  • The stands will fit every van or truck and almost every anvil — please check the specifications to choose the correct model.

Vanvil or Truckvil is a must buy for any farrier who wants an easier life!

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