Introducing The Cobra Elite from Nature Farms

For more than 20 years, farriers across the world have confidently chosen the Cobra line of shoeing boxes to work beside them every day.

New Elite features:

  • Compact overall size (21-1/4 inches tall by 19-3/4 inches wide by 12-1/2 inches deep)
  • Six 1- by 9-inch tubes and one 1-1/2- by 9-inch tubes, all hand chamfered for precise tool placement
  • Neoprene rubber under tubes for durability
  • 2 trays & 2 rasp holders made of high quality ABS plastic
  • Top tray 5-7/8 by 14-1/4 inches, bottom tray 9 by 14-1/4 inches
  •  4-inch industrial casters 2 with brakes, glides over all terrain

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Shark Wheel System By Farriers Depot

You are going to love four wheel drive for your shoeing box! 

The revolutionary new Shark Wheel System By Farriers Depot has changed how you use your shoeing box. No longer is it hard to roll your farrier box through shavings, uneven barn surfaces or muddy paddocks thanks to a patented wheel pattern and caster system. Having your box topple over when it hits a rock is a thing of the past. Shark Wheel’s feed back has been amazing. Check it out!

“Shark Wheels saved my back from having to carry my box all over the show grounds.” — Roy V.

“They work fantastic and are super quiet.” — Wade H.

“First horse of the day slammed into my box. Normally it would have flipped over, but with the Shark Wheels it just rolled down the barn aisle.” — John N.

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Tooljack® by Equine Innovations Inc.

  • Tooljack® is an innovative shoeing box available in 2 sizes.
  • Made of the same tough material as the Hoofjack®, the Tooljack® is quiet, stable and durable.
  • The top tool bar keeps your tools organized, visible and at working height.
  • Several magnets are included for holding tools such as rasps or nails.
  • The accessory holster can be used with optional trays to provide more work space or storage.
  • The Tooljack® is easy to customize and is made in the USA with a 3-year warranty against breakage by equines.

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