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checkbox YES I would like to subscribe to American Farriers Journal to start receiving the footcare professional's ultimate source of news and information. Completely devoted to proper hoof care, this eight-times-a-year magazine is must reading for anyone deeply concerned about effective hoof care. American Farriers Journal's in-depth information is of special value to anyone keenly interested in learning more about all aspects of shoeing and hoof care. Makes a great gift for a shoer, veterinarian or serious horse owner!


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About Hoof-Care Anatomy Made Simple:

These four great resources provide you with a solid anatomical foundation critical for effective equine footcare. This package delivers a deeper understanding of how your trim and shoes will affect the inner structure of the hoof including the bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

This special package includes:


Anatomy And Fractures

Anatomy And Fractures Of The Coffin Bone (16 pages)

This 16-page report includes topics covering the coffin bone's anatomy, hoof biomechanics, etiology, clinical signs, differential diagnosis, shoeing treatments, surgical treatments and much more information. A must-have report for anyone with questions about treating coffin bone fractures successfully.

Know Your Equine Anatomy

Know Your Equine Anatomy! (16 pages)

Cut through the technical gobbledygook and jargon with this informative guide. You'll instantly get a clear picture of everything that goes on in the equine limb. Nerves, arteries, ligaments, bones and every part of the hoof are detailed in this fully illustrated guide. Provides an excellent background for talking over equine health problems with your vet.

Demystifying The Secrets Report
Demystifying The Secrets of Biomechanics and Lameness (24 pages)

This special hoof-care report includes a number of Dr. Rooney's time-tested innovations and theories for dealing with hoof structure, hoof function, bar shoes, laminitis, dynamic hoof forces, founder, blood in the white line and so much more.

Distal Limb DVD
Functional Anatomy of the Distal Limb DVD (60+ minutes)

Mitch Taylor, owner and operator of the Kentucky Horseshoeing School will walk you step-by-step through the all-important anatomy of the distal limb in this on-stage dissection from the International Hoof-Care Summit. Taylor delivers an understanding of the distal limb that will help you effectively develop strategies to avoid negative effects of trimming/shoeing.