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The Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful Farrier Practice (65 Pages)

Learn from some of the most respected farriers in the business — Grant Moon, Doug Butler, Ada Gates Patton, Lee Green, Mark Milster, Jim Keith, Myron McLane, Bob Pethick, Haydn Price, Chris Gregory, Red Renchin, Danny Ward and many, many more.

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  • How to get the ideal trim. What is it?
  • Improving your bottom line by identifying opportunities for long-term savings on farrier supplies.    
  • Selecting the correct farrier equipment to save time, money and your body.
  • Proper mechanics to improve your work at the anvil.
  • Necessary steps to become recognized as a footcare professional.
  • Modifying machine-made shoes for an even better fit.
  • Organizing your tool and rig setup to improve efficiency.
  • Trimming and shoeing ideas to more effectively deal with mismatched feet.
  • New ways to avoid 5 of the most common failures of farriers.
  • Critical concerns to consider when dealing with traction issues.
PLUS, a free PDF download of a Winter Hoof Care checklist that you can share with clients who experience even the mildest of winters. If they follow the dos and don'ts on this, it will help ensure that their horse stays healthy and strong for the spring! 


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