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Improving Horsemanship for Farriers (40 Pages)

You can't hurry horsemanship.The legendary late horseman and teacher Tom Dorrance and others have said, "A horse can behave in one of two ways: it will do exactly what it thinks you want it to do, or it will do anything and everything it can to save its life."

When you get your free copy of this newly released report, you’ll discover takeaways and tips to improve the way you and your client can better manage a horse.

  • Good Rapport and Good Horses Go Hand-in-Hand - Basic horsemanship ensures your safety and makes farriery more enjoyable.
  • Farriers and Horse Handling: The Importance of Being Able to "Read" a Horse - Reading a horse's body language can help you establish a rapport with the horse and complete your job safely.
  • How to Read a New Horse - Understanding body language before hoof care can aid your practice.
  • Not All "Bad" Horses are Bad - Gaining trust and nurturing your relationships with horses will make your hoof-care job easier.
  • Footcare for the Nervous Horse - Patience is key to earning the trust and respect of anxious horses.
  • Owner Relationship with the Horse is Important to Your Work - Farriers offer advice on how to deal with soft-hearted clients and their spoiled horses.
PLUS, instantly download your  free PDF of 20 Safety Tips for Clients Who Hold Horses for Farriers and Vets that you can share (print copies or send via email) with clients who hold horses during hoof-care appointments. Safety around horses relies on good handling techniques. This free download offers 20 tips to think about while holding horses during hoof care.


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