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Reach Every Attendee
Throughout The Entire International Hoof-Care Summit

Reserve your advertising space in the the 2019 International Hoof-Care Summit Show Program today for a highly effective, highly visible way to reach an exceptional and highly motivated group of 1,200+ hoof-care professionals all during the coming year. The Summit Program offers powerful and exclusive one-of-a-kind content that delivers a coveted educational tool for attendees.


This year’s Show Program offers plenty of in-depth coverage aimed at helping attendees boost the quality of their footcare work while placing more dollars in their pockets during every month of 2019.


Draw Serious Buying Attention To Your Products

Now in its 16th year, the Summit is the most popular, most anticipated, most attended footcare event in the world. Studies indicate most attendees arrive with a specific agenda of what sessions they want to attend and what products they want to purchase or learn more about.


By advertising in the Show Program you’ll keep your products in front of every attendee throughout the entire Summit, drive more traffic to your booth if you are exhibiting, draw serious buying attention to your products and then reap the benefits of keeping your marketing message in front of these key players throughout the next 12 months.


4 Reasons Why The Summit Show Program Is Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool ...

  • More than 70 pages of original in-depth equine footcare content ... in addition to full details on all Summit needs, daily agendas, expanded exhibitor listings, supplier product descriptions, awards ... and much more. A 2019 Show Program bonus!
  • An exclusive question-and-answer article with a recognized farrier industry authority. This one-of-a-kind interview will deliver a tremendous forecast regarding what’s ahead in this business — leading to plenty of back-and-forth industry conversations throughout the year. Another 2019 Show Program bonus!
  • Exclusive for Summit attendees, in-depth reporting on critical issues in the farrier business will feature educational and research papers on high-quality footcare strategies from Summit speakers. Plus, we’ll include several other highly significant research papers from around the world that will be of special interest to attendees. Yet another 2019 Show Program bonus!
  • In addition, we’ll share results from an exclusive early January survey conducted among American Farriers Journal readers. The results will have a direct impact on what’s ahead for farriers and suppliers during the coming year. That's four 2019 Show Program bonuses!

A "Keeper" Resource Attendees Will Reference All Year Long

The 24 ruled-line note-taking pages in the Summit Program are a big hit among Summit attendees. These pages allow attendees to jot down speaker and product notes right in the program ... in a location where they can reference these notes all year long.


Your message will get MAXIMUM EXPOSURE because we’ll be placing ads within the note-taking section, giving you 12 months of increased exposure as attendees refer back to their valuable Summit notes.

Here's Even More Ammunition!

Here are three more reasons why advertising in the 2019 Show Program is a great once-a-year marketing opportunity for your company:

Your ad will be distributed and used by every attendee throughout the entire 4-day Summit. It acts like an event roadmap — providing daily agendas, room numbers, maps, trade show and exhibitor booth details, award listings, product descriptions and much more. Constantly referred to throughout the event, your ad will draw more attention to your products and immediately drive traffic directly to your booth if you are exhibiting.

The Show Program is referenced ALL YEAR LONG by attendees. This year’s Summit Program offers complete listings of Summit speakers and exhibitors — including their full contact information attendees refer to throughout the year. Attendees also use the 24 special “note pages” to jot down their own personal notes on specific topics, sessions, speakers and product information of special interest. Earning a valuable spot back home on farrier bookshelves, it is referenced time and time again as attendees recheck their notes — seeing your ad every time they open the Program.

The Show Program is among the key benefits of attending this yearly event. Printed on high quality paper in full color, this “hands-on” guide delivers hundreds of field-tested ideas and footcare research findings from the best hoof-care professionals in the world. Used again and again, it’s a valuable marketing opportunity to continually reach attendees of this world-class event.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity For Your Products And Company To Stand Out During The World’s Largest Equine Hoof-Care Event And Trade Show!


P.S. At last year's RECORD SETTING Summit, attendees headed home with fresh ideas to expand the quality of their footcare work and to grow their yearly income by an average of $4,322, according to attendee surveys.


The average Summit attendee purchases more than $18,000 in footcare supplies each year, with some farriers buying over $80,000 annually. Still more reasons to cash in on the Summit’s exceptional “Buying Power” by being part of the 2019 International Hoof-Care Summit program.


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