International Hoof-Care Summit Testimonials

Nothing Else Even Comes Close!
“Just listening to one speaker in particular made the trip across the Atlantic Ocean totally worthwhile!”
— John Stewart, DVM, Owlesbury, England

The Only Place to Be
“Farriers quickly recognized this was the place to be if you wanted to give your education and career a jump start.”
— Linda Jones, Boynton Beach, Fla.

Better and Better
“Everyone says the Summit just gets better and better every year.”
— Gary Werner, N.Y.

The Most Intensive Hoof-Care Learning Opportunity
“This is the most intensive hoof-care learning opportunity that I’ve ever seen and you leave everyone else in the dust.”
— Walter Varcoe, Port Jervis, N.Y.

Setting the Standard
“When it comes to farrier conferences, the International Hoof-Care Summit is setting the standard. Once again it was well done.”
— Steven O’Grady, DVM, Northern Virginia Equine, Marshall, Va.

Exceeded Everyone’s Expectations
“People are hungry for shoeing knowledge that is unbiased, practical and free of politics. The Summit certainly delivers this and has exceeded everyone’s expectations.”
— Danny Ward, Martinsville, Va.

I Don’t Care What it Costs—I’ll Be There Every Year
“No other meeting offers as much in-depth high level hoof-care learning. I really don’t care what it costs. I’ll be there every year.”
— Charles Hall, Elora, Tenn.

I’ve Been Shoeing for Over 25 Years and the Summit is the Best
“I’ve been shoeing for over 25 years and the Summit is the best farrier meeting I’ve ever attended.”
— Scott Anweiler, Minerva, Ohio


Video: IHCS Attendees Share Their "Summit Stories"