Expert Advice From Hall Of Fame Farriers

Special E-book from American Farriers Journal provides valuable advice from members of the International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame. Download this FREE E-book now to learn from the best!

This report features a collection of practical advice from 29 members of the International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame. Each was interviewed on various subjects they thought every farrier should know. These tips are diverse — some hyper-focused on technique, others more generalized.

Download this FREE 52-page E-book NOW to learn from some of the most respected farriers in the business. Practical advice, tips and hoof-care techniques you can put to use immediately, such as:

  • Necessary steps to become recognized as a footcare professional.
  • How to get the ideal trim. What is it?
  • Improving your bottom line by identifying opportunities for long-term savings on supplies.
  • Selecting the correct equipment to save time, money and your body.
  • Proper mechanics to improve your work at the anvil.
  • Modifying machine-made shoes for an even better fit.
  • Organizing your tool and rig setup to improve efficiency.
  • Trimming and shoeing parameters to manage mismatched feet.
  • 5 common failures of farriers.

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Hall of Fame Farrier Tips