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If you're on the lookout for reliable trimming and shoeing techniques, you'll have a hard time finding any footcare practices that have stood the test of time better than those featured in The Cavalry Horseshoer's Technical Manual.

Ken Mankel, a former U.S. Army Horseshoer and current International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame member, said it best in his foreword to this respected classic...

"When I went to the U.S. Army Horseshoeing School, the instructor, Sergeant First Class R.T. Forney, told the three prospective shoers in the class that this book would be our "bible". He said the pages of this manual would be the most important key in turning me and the other raw recruits into professional shoers.

"He certainly was right, and my copy of this technical manual had plenty of dog-eared pages during my schooling, doing U.S. Army shoeing and also shoeing horses and mules on my own in Michigan for the past 45 years.

"Thanks to the basic shoeing knowledge I got from this book, I've enjoyed a memorable career in the farrier business. This book had a BIG impact on my shoeing career."

Written In Down-To-Earth Language
Veteran Army farriers say this 128-page War Department technical manual (TM-220) offers the best instructions on shoeing techniques to be found anywhere and is among the very best shoeing books ever written. Jammed with hundreds of practical shoeing ideas you can put to good use, it gives you a basic understanding of what you need to know about all aspects of footcare, explained with highly detailed diagrams and photos so you can quickly translate the concepts directly into your daily work.

Refreshingly Simple And Straightforward
In a unique chapter called "The Horseshoer's Catechism," you'll find 107 time-tested shoeing questions and answers offering straightforward information on the most important aspects of your work. Rather than searching through dozens of other farrier books, this unique chapter distills together information on a wide variety of critical topics into one easily referenceable source.

Here are four examples...

              What are the functions of the extensor and flexor tendons?
              What is the effect of too great a length of wall at the toe?
              What are the essentials of locating foot lameness?
              How should the causes of faulty gaits be classified?

This unique chapter all by itself will allow you to quickly and easily locate answers to these questions and many more.

Learn The "Hows" AND The "Whys"
The Cavalry Horseshoer's Technical Manual doesn't stop short by only exploring the ABC's of footcare. You'll find that it also spends ample time explaining the important "WHYS" of effective horseshoeing so you can gain a full understanding of the concepts it presents. Featuring hundreds of time-tested Cavalry shoeing techniques, you'll pick up many insightful tips and techniques for dealing with:

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Borium-Treated Horseshoes
  • Effective Care of Unshod Feet
  • Tools, Shoes and Nails
  • Fundamentals of Horseshoeing
  • Practical Trimming and Shoeing Suggestions
  • Proper Care of Feet Between Shoeings
  • Handmaking Shoes
  • Normal, Special and Corrective Shoeing Techniques
  • Plus 107 Time-Tested Shoeing Questions and Answers Featured in a Unique Chapter Called "The Horseshoer's Catechism"

Practical. Straightforward. Timeless.
We guarantee this compelling book won't collect any dust on your bookshelf! You'll return to it time and again for its practical, straightforward and proven principles that offer just as much value to today's farrier as the last three generations of farriers who's skill and expertise were heavily influenced by this timeless manual.


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