Dear Hoof-Care Professional,

Any farrier who has traveled to a client knows how important it is to ensure you have all the shoes, nails, dressings and tools needed to get the job done in one go. Some of the extra items, such as vet wrap, tow rope and hoof knives, however, often get left behind and create less efficient work.

So what should you include in your truck before leaving for a long day of shoeing? We’ve compiled a checklist of the hoof-care and everyday essentials for farriers traveling with too much or too little equipment. Use this to ensure your inventory is stocked and prepared for any hoof-care problems you come across in your work. Every situation is different when you travel to see clients, but this serves as a great starting point and educational tool.

Download this checklist today to help you establish the hoof-care essentials you do and don’t have ready.

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Yours for better hoof care,

Jeff Cota

Lead Content Editor

American Farriers Journal