Oleo Acres HillCraft Light Aprons

HillCraft Light Aprons are made from quality 2000 denier fabric, durable leather patches and breathable backpack material to keep the sweat off your legs. HillCraft Light aprons are available in two different colors, two lengths and four styles. New Leather aprons are in production and will be available January 1.

Check out all the HillCraft aprons at www.oleoacresfarriersupply.com. If you have any questions please call us toll free 1-800-994-6536.


Ken Davis Cordura Nylon and Leather Aprons

The Davis Cordura Nylon Apron is available in a 28-inch length with two knife pockets and magnet. It offers a V-comfort belt for more comfort when bending over. The Davis Leather Apron is constructed of durable leather with leather knee patches. With three attractive colors to choose from and the option of snaps, Velcro waist or leg straps, these aprons are a sure fit for any professional farrier.

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Pieh Tool Billy Tongs

We offer a large range of tongs for farriers, blacksmiths, knifemakers, foundry workers and sheet metal workers. We have the largest selection and best quality brands available! It is not always practical to make your own set of tongs. If you have questions about choosing the right tool, please do not hesitate to contact us. Pieh Tool offers its own brand of tongs in the Pieh Legacy Collection trademarked "the Billy" tongs.

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The Badger Apron by Badger Built

  • Lasting comfort you can feel with our patent-pending ergonomic design
  • Moves with your body and alleviates the strain on your back
  • Wrap around calf protection
  • Semi-custom options available
  • Quick release for safety
  • Quality made in Colorado
  • Also available: The Honey Badger Apron — designed specifically for women

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