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Q: How do I regulate calcium and phosphorus levels in the horse’s diet?

By Aubri Hostetter, Excel Equine

Calcium and phosphorus work together to aid in the development and strengthening of bones, as well as muscle function. The correct calcium to phosphorus ratio should be no less than 1:1. The ideal ratio is 2:1 and certainly no more than 4:1.

While it is rare, horses with a calcium deficiency can show lameness, weak bones and low-quality growth and performance. A phosphorus deficiency can show up as muscle weakness and trembling.

Too much of both of these minerals can also cause problems. Over supplementation of other minerals, such as copper and zinc, can also negatively affect the horse and impact how other minerals are absorbed.

Most horses eating quality forage and a commercial grain mix should not require any supplementation. While grass hay alone is often not an adequate calcium source for broodmares and foals, a mixture of legume and grass hay is ideal for lactating mares, foals or horses in heavy competition.

Aubri Hostetter is an equine nutrition specialist with Excel Equine in Louisville, Ky.

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