Farrier’s Formula® Double Strength

Farrier’s Formula® Double Strength provides nutrients to promote strong and fast growth of the hoof wall and sole to “grow out” cracks and defects of the hoof wall, strengthen the sole, and assist with laminitis recovery. Farrier’s Formula® also promotes a glossy more deeply colored coat and strengthened connective tissues of the joints and ligaments.

  • Farrier’s Formula® is the #1 recommended hoof supplement by farriers in the USA*
  • The 11 lb. Farrier’s Formula® Double Strength package is a 60 day supply for a 1,000 lb. horse
  • Provides nutrition for hoof growth, strength & quality
  • Promotes a glossy and more deeply colored coat

*Source: “2014 AFJ Farrier Business Practices Survey.” American Farriers Journal. Jan/Feb 2015. Page 87.

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  • GROSTRONG provides the necessary minerals and vitamins to complement forages and grains, enabling all classes of horses to reach their performance potential
  • GROSTRONG Minerals is the result of unsurpassed formulation expertise and leading edge technology, going back 100 years
  • Along with quality forage, GROSTRONG Minerals provide the corner-stone of the Forage First programs
  • GROSTRONG assures horse owners of our commitment to ensuring high-quality products that perform
  • A complete balance of 27 vitamins, minerals and electrolytes for your horse

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SBS EQUINE Hoof Builder Kit

New from SBS EQUINE is the SBS Hoof Builder Kit. The kit incorporates two products and technologies that work synergistically to improve the hoof condition better than either one could individually. The kit includes enough products to complete the average “six-week” hoof growth cycle! Each kit includes a six-week supply: 42 SBS Hoof Builder Hoof-Paks (single serving cups of Pellets), and Toe Grow Gel (10-oz. squeeze bottle). SBS Hoof Builder Pellets contain the vital amino acids, minerals and vitamins most recommended by animal nutritionists. The Pellets are nutritional supplements that are made in the USA and are NSF, TGA, NASC and c-GMP certified. Palatability and freshness are guaranteed!! Toe Grow Gel is a copper-peptide complex. It is topically applied at the hairline and works like a switch by turning on the receptor cells at the coronet band to increase collagen production and blood flow to the hoof! The pellets and gel complement each other to improve the hoof condition from the inside/out using both the horse’s digestive system and nervous system!

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