Farriers Magic


Farrier’s Magic PLUS Hoof Horse Supplement is a scientifically developed nutritional supplement designed to maintain strong, healthy hooves for horses of all ages. High in biotin, this blend features a balanced combination of vitamins, proteins, minerals and amino acids in a palatable alfalfa hay-based pellet form.


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Farriers Magic

Anvil Brand


If you think all hoof knives are the same, you need to try ours. Anvil Brand makes and sharpens more hoof knives than any other manufacturer in North America.


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Anvil Knife Brand

PUREFORM Equine Health – HOOF SUPPORT by SciencePure


Concentrated and effective for growth, density and bio-availability.  SciencePure Nutraceuticals got this formula right in with just 10 grams a day maximum. 

Essential Amino Acids, L-Threonine, Magnesium Proteinate, Zinc Citrate, BioChromium Yeast and D-Biotin. 

If the horse is struggling with chipping, spongy or thin hooves and soles, Hoof Support is your fix.


Toll Free: 1-877-533-9163


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PureForm SciencePure



For hooves with sole & frog damage caused by abscesses, white line separation, and thrush. Deep-penetrating formulas purge & remove pathogens & enhance overall hoof health.

Manage thrush, white line, and seedy toe with Vetericyn Hoof Care. It sprays onto the sole and frog for complete coverage and is proven to flush out contaminants and repair damaged hooves quickly.

For abscesses and advanced cases of white line separation and thrush use Vetericyn Hoof Soak. It purges & removes hoof-eating microbes and penetrates deep into hoof cavity. Plus, it’s guaranteed to improve hoof condition after just one application!


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Vetericyn Mobility

Cactus Creek Leather


Handmade Support pads are essential for everyday farrier work. Give your back a break! Ask about our new compression foam knee pads!


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Cactus Creek

RG Tools


Yancey Russell shoes some of the top Hunter/Jumper and Dressage horses in the country. 


I’ve been using an RG hammer for years, there’s not another hammer on the market that makes driving nails as effortless as my RG.

It’s the perfect weight and the perfect balance.

Thanks Roger for developing the perfect driving hammer. 

Contact your local dealer to purchase you own RG Hammer.


Contact us: 918.695.4391 or 918.894.1111


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RG Farrier Tools