For hooves with sole & frog damage caused by abscesses, white line separation, and thrush. Deep-penetrating formulas purge & remove pathogens & enhance overall hoof health.

Manage thrush, white line, and seedy toe with Vetericyn Hoof Care. It sprays onto the sole and frog for complete coverage and is proven to flush out contaminants and repair damaged hooves quickly.

For abscesses and advanced cases of white line separation and thrush use Vetericyn Hoof Soak. It purges & removes hoof-eating microbes and penetrates deep into hoof cavity. Plus, it’s guaranteed to improve hoof condition after just one application!


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Vetericyn Equine Mobility

Healthy HairCare's Hoof Moisture


Healthy HairCare's Hoof Moisture is one of the best dressings for dry, cracking hooves with a unique delivery system that works with the natural flow of the hoof, allowing the expansion and contraction of the hoof to transfer moisture both in and out. The hoof benefits from nature’s healthy balance.

Hoof Moisture supplies the hoof with Eucalyptus and Lanolin. Working with nature to replenish moisture to dry, brittle cracking, and breaking hooves to repair and prevent damage.

Hoof Moisture is clear and will not stain white hair or legs.


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Healthy HairCare's Hoof Moisture

Old Timer’s Hoof Dressing


All Natural - Flexible & Tough.
Old Timer’s Hoof Dressing
Worked then. Works now.

Horses had to be tough a hundred years ago. Back then they had to work hard. They needed a hoof dressing that worked just as hard.
For over 100 years this All Natural, Pennsylvania AMISH recipe has been keeping horses' hooves flexible and strong.

Old Timer’s Hoof Dressing is one of the best dressings & conditioner for dry, cracking hooves - Superior penetration into the hoof wall, where it works to treat and prevent splitting and cracking while enhancing the natural beauty of the hoof.

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Old Timer's Hoof Dressing

Bundle Offer – Mega Savings of $90 from Precision Canada


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Our premium padded apron has:

  • Two pockets
  • Magnet
  • Extra padding under the thick leather patches
  • Super comfortable back brace
  • Safet snap
  • Adjustable leg straps
  • 31” length

The LeCzar Premium Nipper has:

  • 15” length for maximum leverage
  • Great quality blade that stays sharper longer!
  • Smooth handles for maximum ease

The LeCzar Premium Knife has:

  • 9” total length
  • Curved blade for great reach
  • Great ergonomic handle for most comfortable use
  • Awesome quality blade that stays sharper longer!!

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Precisiion Canada