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Below you will find Part 2 of the latest question and answer installment that you can share with your footcare clients.

Q: Can other nutrients interfere with feeding biotin?

From American Farriers Journal

A: Other nutrients reacting in the horse’s digestive system could possibly neutralize the effects of biotin. Certain B vitamins, such as folic acid and choline, can interfere with biotin metabolism when administered in large amounts.

    In some of the cases where supplements such as biotin do not seem to work, the horse may be subject to biotin antagonists (biotin-destroying factors). Rancid oils and fats are notorious biotin antagonists. 

If the horse is getting supplements containing oil-based ingredients, or is fed salad oils that are not kept under strict refrigeration, the biotin being supplemented is destroyed. In other cases, the hoof problems may stem from cases that are not nutrition related.

From “How Nutrition Affects the Horses’ Hoof,” an article that appeared in the May/June 1995 issue of American Farriers Journal.

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