2015 International Hoof-Care Summit Dissection Video

Dear 2015 International Hoof-Care Summit attendee,

Thank you for attending the 2015 International Hoof-Care Summit. Your selfless commitment to equine footcare made this year’s event the most widely-attended Summit to date. We couldn’t have this event without your help.

As an attendee, you can stream the 4-parts of the video of the 2015 dissections by Mitch Taylor below. Or you may download the video (four parts) for viewing offline. This link takes you to the downloads.


Again, thank you for your support of the IHCS. The official line-up for the 2016 IHCS will be published along with the November issue. We hope to see you in Cincinnati on Feb. 2-5 for the 13th annual Summit.

Yours for better hoof care,

Jeremy McGovern
Conference Director