Borium or Drill Tech?

Borium or Drill Tech?

Like Kleenex for facial tissues or Band-Aids for adhesive bandages, Borium and Drill Tech are brand names so widely recognized that they have become generic terms for the hardfacing products used by farriers. That could confuse any discussion of hardfacing products and their application.

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More information on appropriate uses of hoof packing can be found in the article "Make An Informed Decision Before Packing A Foot" from the Jan./Feb. 2016 issue of American Farriers Journal.

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    4 Easy Ways To Be Fired

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    Health insurance is a must for farriers. Yet, according to the American Farriers Journal 2014 Farrier Business Practices Survey, there’s a sizable number who roll the dice and forgo insurance. As we ring in the New Year, there’s a new incentive to buy an insurance plan, courtesy of Uncle Sam.
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Equine Nutrition And Hoof Health

Nutrition plays a vital role in maintaining a horse's health, including the hoof. But, in today's Internet age, it can be difficult for horse owners and farriers to digest all of the information provided. Dr. Christine Skelly helps to separate the fact from the fiction in this webinar. In this presentation, she delivers the information you need to help educate clients on nutrition and equine footcare. Watch this webinar to make yourself more valuable to your hoof-care clients.

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Nutrient Strategies For More Effective Footcare

Nutrient Strategies For More Effective Footcare

Healthy hooves are certainly an important part of having a healthy horse. And while many factors contribute to overall hoof health, a well-balanced diet and proper hoof care are among the most important. This insightful 16-page report explores the positive and negative effects nutrition has on hoof health.
Scientific Horseshoeing

Scientific Horseshoeing

This special hard cover reprint of a rare edition of Ohio farrier and Professor William Russell's Scientific Horseshoeing is rooted in practical knowledge and careful study of anatomy. You'll find that the book remains astonishingly applicable to many of today's toughest footcare challenges, providing practical solutions for hundreds of hoof-care concerns in 384 pages containing over 600 detailed illustrations.
Hoof-Care Anatomy Made Simple Set

Hoof-Care Anatomy Made Simple Set

These four great resources provide you with a solid anatomical foundation critical for effective equine footcare. This package delivers a deeper understanding of how your trim and shoes will affect the inner structure of the hoof including the bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments.
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