What I’ve Learned About Founder
Diseases, Lamenesses, Education

What I’ve Learned About Founder

I certainly don’t have all the answers when it comes to treating founder, but there have been some things that have really worked for me when dealing with foundered horses over more than 6 decades.

News & Notes

  • North Carolina Farrier Jimmy Johnson Passes Away

    Brown Summit, N.C., farrier James “Jimmy” Willard Johnson passed away Monday, Nov. 23, 2015, at his residence. He was 72.
  • Licensing Under Fire With Many Trades

    When it comes to licensing concerns on both the state and federal level, it appears that farriers aren’t the only trade where there’s a need for regulations or not. These concerns were spelled out in a recent Wall Street Journal article dealing with trade licensing issues.
  • Hall Of Famers Headline Cornell Farrier Conference

    A pair of Hall Of Fame farriers headlined the annual Cornell University Farrier Conference on Nov. 14-15 in Ithaca, N.Y. Grant Moon and Bob Pethick performed a number of forging and live shoeing demonstrations, as well as several lectures over the 2-day event.
  • Montana Governor Appoints Farrier As State’s Poet Laureate

    Michael Earl Craig is something of a shape-shifter. As a farrier based near Livingston, Mont., he has one foot firmly entrenched in hard-working rural Montana. As an internationally acclaimed poet, he has the other foot deep in the rarified world of academia. Given all this, he’ll be the first to admit that people aren't sure what to make of him.
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  • Farriers Call On Their Colleagues To Be Prepared For Licensing

    When Steve Kraus led a discussion called, “Licensing: What Does It Really Mean?” to conclude last weekend’s annual Cornell University Farrier Conference, he came prepared. Cornell’s head of farrier services wore a polo umpire’s uniform — complete with protective helmet and whistle.
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    Times They (Still) Are A Changin’

    Farriery is an art and science steeped in tradition. Within that tradition is a commitment to honoring the basics. Yet, there is always a constant evolution within the system. New products come and go. New theories and research emerge that reshape our thinking about the horse. Some things will never change, but many others do.
  • New Credit Cards Can Leave Farriers Exposed

    Until now, business owners were not held liable when a thief used a stolen or counterfeit card when paying for goods and services. The responsibility fell to the bank that issued the card. Not anymore.
  • Jeremy_McGovern.png

    Understanding What You Believe

    According to the equine veterinarian, much of what we “believe” about the art and science of farriery is based on personal observation and experience.

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Equine Nutrition And Hoof Health

Nutrition plays a vital role in maintaining a horse's health, including the hoof. But, in today's Internet age, it can be difficult for horse owners and farriers to digest all of the information provided. Dr. Christine Skelly helps to separate the fact from the fiction in this webinar. In this presentation, she delivers the information you need to help educate clients on nutrition and equine footcare. Watch this webinar to make yourself more valuable to your hoof-care clients.

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Hall Of Fame Farrier Tips - Volume 2

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Hoof-Care Anatomy Made Simple Set

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