"I'm Living My Dream"
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"I'm Living My Dream"

How many of us are lucky enough to be doing exactly what we’ve wanted to do since we were kids?

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Business Management: Working With Barns

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A farrier’s relationship with a barn needs ongoing management. However, to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship that lasts for a long time, your first contact is critical. Moreno Valley, Calif., farrier Tim Shannon will share his insight from his 20-plus years as a farrier. He will relate his advice to working with a variety of clients, including those of high-end show barns. In this webinar, Shannon also will deliver tips on how to determine if a client is a good fit and how to make your first visit to the barn sets the tone for future appointments.

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  • Jeremy_McGovern.png

    Can Common Ground Be Found?

    Admittedly, I was harsh and not thorough enough in the detail in my critique of the institutional evaluation of farriers contributing to veterinary continuing education. Due to the brevity of the editorial, I didn't touch on the farrier's responsibility in this.
  • Hats Off To Farriers

    Scrolling through the mental Rolodex of farriers who I've had the privilege of meeting, several words come to mind that aptly describe each one - professional, knowledgeable, industrious, creative, talented. I could go on and on, yet there's one adjective that comes to mind more often than any other: generous.
  • Jeremy_McGovern.png

    When The Government Investigates You

    As a farrier, you don't have to like Blake Primm. You don't have to like how he and other Tennessee Walker farriers shoe their clients' horses with padded packages. But if you are a horseshoer, you should be concerned about how the government investigated hoof-care practices in his case.
  • Wrongful Death Ruling Empowers Farriers

    On a fall Southern California day in 2009, Pat Barrett set out to do what he had done thousands of times over more than 45 years - trim horses' hooves.
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Hall Of Fame Farrier Tips - Volume 2

Hall Of Fame Farrier Tips - Volume 2

The first edition of Hall of Fame Farrier Tips proved so popular that we brought it back with even more valuable hoofcare advice with Hall of Fame Farrier Tips Volume 2. This 52-page report features a collection of practical advice from respected veteran members of the International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame.
Hoof-Care Anatomy Made Simple Set

Hoof-Care Anatomy Made Simple Set

These four great resources provide you with a solid anatomical foundation critical for effective equine footcare. This package delivers a deeper understanding of how your trim and shoes will affect the inner structure of the hoof including the bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments.
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Premium Print+Digital Subscription 1, 2, 3 year

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Hoof Capsule Studies

Hoof Capsule Studies

Hayes, owner of Horse Science in West Boxford, Mass., has teamed up with University of Minnesota veterinarian Turner on this 16-page, full-color report featuring more than a dozen of her models, complete with detailed and labeled anatomical descriptions and a shoeing rationale for each. Farriers, trainers and veterinarians will find it an invaluable aid in explaining hoof problems.
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