How 3D Printing Is Advancing Hoof Care

How 3D Printing Is Advancing Hoof Care

In 2013, scientists with Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) made headlines by making titanium shoes. The buzz wasn't so much that the plates were titanium - after all, shoes have been made from this material before. Instead, it was the process in which they are made.

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  • Empowering Horse Owners In Poorer Countries Can Curb Lamenesses, Study Says

    The value of encouraging communities in poorer countries to take a leading hand in improving the welfare of their own working horses has proven its worth in a study centered on India.
  • Which Horse Racing Surface Has The Lowest Concussive Effect?

    Racehorses in training are asked to run at varying speeds on racetrack surfaces as they gain muscle strength and body condition. Bones, joints, and soft tissue structures in the horses’ legs absorb shock each time a hoof hits the ground, and these repeated concussions can cause injuries over time.
  • Erin Baayen Joins The American Farriers Journal Staff

    Already experienced in the equine foot-care market, Erin Baayen is joining the American Farriers Journal and International Hoof-Care Summit advertising and marketing staff as of April 27. As Senior Account Executive, she will be working closely on marketing issues in print, electronic, trade show and other media with farrier industry suppliers across the country.
  • Managing Club-Footed Conformation In Foals

    A club foot is characterized by a hoof-wall angle that is too steep, and the abnormality might have other features, including a bulging coronary band, growth rings wider at the heel than the toe, and a dished or concave wall, especially near the toe. Unusual hoof growth is also a hallmark of a club foot.
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  • Jeremy_McGovern.png

    Staring You In The Face

    This week’s tip got me to think about a recent clinic I attended at the Minnesota School of Horseshoeing/Duggan Farrier Supplies in March. It wasn’t so much the tip that I took away, but how it revealed a truth weeks later.
  • Frank_Lessiter.png

    Welcome To The New

    In early April, we officially unveiled a completely redesigned website. Featuring a clean, organized look with easy-to-browse content, the website will be the largest depository of equine footcare news and insights found anywhere on the Internet, with years of American Farriers Journal magazine content and containing all of the stories that have appeared in our bi-weekly Hoof-Care Insider e-newsletter.
  • Carriage Horse Foes Ignore The Evidence

    Certain quarters of our society direct a fair amount of derision and scorn at those who refuse to worship at the altar of science. So it’s rather peculiar that these same quarters ignore the experts while trying to rid New York City of horse-drawn carriages.
  • Jeremy_McGovern.png

    Friday The 13th And Farrier Regulation

    American Farriers Journal and the other members of Lessiter Publications are in the process of moving to a new office. Packing and purging for a move is not one of my favorite activities, so I’m happy to procrastinate by providing extra “scrutiny” when going through old magazine, sorry ideas and photos.
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