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"It's not the load that breaks you down,
it's the way you carry it." 
— Lou Holtz

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Farrier Quick Takes (TJ Jones): Typical Challenges Trimming Sport Horses

Wellington, Fla., farrier TJ Jones details the typical challenges he encounters when trimming sport horses.

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James Gilchrist
Farrier Quick Takes:
James Gilchrist

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TJ Jones
Farrier Quick Takes:
TJ Jones

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Erikk Peterson, Nordic Forge
On The Road:
Nordic Forge

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Red Renchin

Farriers Hold Client Respect
One complaint I have heard from many farriers is their clients and others in the horse community lack respect for them. This is true among a small number of people who have no concept of what we do or lack a fundamental understanding of the importance of quality footcare (and the farrier’s role in that).  

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Bending your knees while working on horses’ feet will help keep your back healthy.Keep Your Back Healthy On Bended Knee
It’s no secret that a farrier’s job is physically demanding. Contorting oneself into a pretzel under a 1,100-pound horse for several hours a day has a tendency to leave even the fittest person with an assortment of aches and pains — particularly the back.

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Summertime FootcareSummertime Footcare
What has been the biggest hoof-care challenge for you this summer? How do you address this?

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Current Issue
American Farriers Journal
Septemeber/October 2014
What's Inside:
A Fine Day For The Fine Art Of
Shoeing American Saddlebreds
Illinois farrier has been shoeing these elegant and athletic horses for more than 40 years.
By Pat Tearney

How To Analyze Gaits
Without High-Tech Cameras

Accurate evaluation takes a watchful eye, discerning ear and lots of practice.
By Red Renchin

Rare Keratoma Case
Presents More Surprises

Effects from invasive surgeries could present complications for young Thoroughbred.
By Christy Corp-Minamiji

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