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“One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will
strike you as the most beautiful.” ― Sigmund Freud

Latest Headlines & Features
10 Traits Of Top Farriers

The following new series of articles is a list of 10 habits, behaviors and clues that Jacob Butler, CJF, AWCF, has observed that top farriers around the world have and what you can do to become an even better farrier in your business.

  1. Ambitious And Resistant To Complacency
  2. Big And Bold Thinkers
  3. Extreme Self-Confidence And Self-Belief
  4. Protect Profit Margins
  5. Continual Practicing And Searching For New Educational Opportunities
  6. Unrelenting Focus On Establishing And Reaching Goals
  7. Successfully Manage A Daily Schedule And Adapt Prioritization
  8. Utilize Leverage Points And Multipliers To Maximize Productivity And Results
  9. Develop A Marketing Plan And Stick To It
  10. Steadfast In Implementation

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On The Road: Nordic Forge

Erikk Peterson, vice president of Nordic Forge Inc. in Guttenberg, Iowa, discusses his company’s product line, why the International Hoof-Care Summit is invaluable to his business and just what he thinks about farriers.

Bob Lanners
Shoeing For A Living:
Bob Lanners

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2014 International Hoof-Care Summit
On The Road: 2014 Int'l Hoof-Care Summit

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Robbie ShulerFarrier Quick Takes:
Robbie Shuler

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Web Exclusives


Red Renchin

Do Shoeing Schools Need To Adapt?
I am concerned about the high percentage of young farriers who do not continue in the profession after a year. For the most part, the evidence is anecdotal, as there aren’t firm studies on it.  

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Busted Clinchers? Let’s Make Some Hot-Fitting TongsBusted Clinchers?
Let’s Make Some Hot-Fitting Tongs

It’s sad when a tool wears out, or worse still, breaks. To lessen the pain of replacing a tool that costs between $100 and $200 here in England, I repurpose them by making a tool. It takes just 20 minutes to make a pair of hot-fitting tongs from an old set of clinchers, but they last a lifetime. I have made many for friends and they all love them.

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Delinquent PaymentsDelinquent Payments
How do you handle clients who failed to pay for the last trimming/shoeing? How have you cut down on late payments?

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Rasps, Knives & Hand Tools
Hoof & Feed Supplements Hoof Coatings/
Dressings &
Wound Care
Thrush, Anti-Fungal

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Current Issue
American Farriers Journal
July/August 2014

What's Inside:
Sweating The
Small Stuff Pays Off
Quebec farrier Christian Roy’s practice thrives by keeping horses sound, but attention to detail is a difference maker for clients.
By Jeremy McGovern

Tackling Hoof Cracks
American Farriers JournalEditorial Board members share their many years of experience dealing with hoof cracks.
By Frank Lessiter

Rare Keratoma Case Presents Equally Rare Challenges
Farrier-veterinarian navigates a minefield of potential problems to remove the first of two non-cancerous masses.
By Christy Corp-Minamiji

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