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What is the 2021 Virtual Clinic Series?See more

The International Hoof-Care Summit — 2021 Virtual Clinic Series will deliver practical, ongoing education to accommodate your busy schedule through an online learning experience featuring a series of Virtual Clinic presentations released February through September, 2021. Each month, we'll release a library thought-provoking on-demand presentations featuring actionable hoof-care strategies from top experts. You'll be able to participate in several live, pre-scheduled online Q&A sessions and panel discussions to get answers to your specific questions.

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How do I access the on-demand presentations?See more

Accessing the on-demand sessions is easy. After you register online you will receive a confirmation email that includes a link to visit the attendee home page. Every session released during the Virtual Clinic Series will be posted to this page. Be sure to bookmark this page in your web browser, as you will return to it all throughout 2021 to watch and replay each presentation.

To be able to view the attendee access page, you will first need to either create a free AmericanFarriers.com website user account, or log into your existing website user account. You can login/create your free website user account now by visiting AmericanFarriers.com and clicking the "Log In" or "Register" buttons found at the top of the homepage. If you are creating your account for the first time, please use the same email address that you used to register for the event. If you already have an account but do not remember your account login information, or if you experience issues logging in, choose "forgot my password" or "Login help" and follow the instructions.

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How will I attend the sessions that will be held live?See more

In addition to receiving monthly on-demand sessions, you are also automatically signed up to attend live online sessions that will be held each month. We will send you reminder notices via email for each session as the dates approach. If you are unable to join a live session, it will be recorded for viewing later at the attendee home page. Details and dates for each monthly live session will be posted to the video landing page as information becomes available.

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What is the schedule of monthly themes?See more

Each live and on-demand session available during a given month will focus on a specific theme that is critical to today's hoof-care practitioner. Here is a list of monthly lecture themes:

Therapeutic Shoeing

Better Footcare Basics

Shoeing for Specific Disciplines

Managing Foot Diseases

Anatomy and Biomechanics

The Future of Evidence-Based Farriery

Building a Better Business and Client Management

Improving Product and Tool Usage

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What is the Mail-In Shoe Contest and how do I participate?See more

We are continuing this popular contest for the 2021 International Hoof-Care Summit. The 2021 Summit Mail-In Forging Exercise will earn a winner a buckle and all participants a T-shirt.

How to Enter

Step 1: Make the horseshoe as described by Craig Trnka. Click here for full instructions.

Step 2: Complete the entry form.

Step 3: Send in the completed form and your entry to American Farriers Journal, Summit Mail-In Forging Exercise, 16655 W. Wisconsin Ave., Brookfield, WI 53005. Your entry must be received by Aug. 1, 2021. You can also drop off your entry form and shoe at the WCB Fitchburg Contest registration area by 5 p.m., Aug. 4, 2021.

If you don't have the ability to access and print this form, call the American Farriers Journal office at (262) 782-4480 and we will mail or fax you a copy. If you are entering from outside the United States, DO NOT assign a value to your shoe on the customs declaration form.

Step 4: Judging will occur at the World Championship Blacksmiths competition in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. Each contestant will receive a free commemorative T-shirt. The top finisher will earn a belt buckle and 2022 IHCS registration. Entries can be picked up at the WCB Fitchburg Contest. All other entries will not be returned.




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If I’m a veterinarian, veterinary technician, British farrier or a member of the International Association of Professional Farriers, can I earn continuing education credits?See more

The International Hoof-Care Summit 2021 Virtual Clinic Series presentations are approved for CE credits by the International Association of Professional Farriers. Each month (February thru September) IAPF will award 21 Continuing Education Credits to all IAPF members who are registered for the IHCS for the February program, and 17.25 CE credits for the March program. American Farriers Journal will supply IAPF with a list of registered attendees to receive CE Credits. For questions relating to IAPF CE credits, please call 859-533-1465 or email: bryan@professionalfarriers.com.

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