2021 Virtual Clinic Series



Thank you to our sponsors for their support of the 2021 Virtual Clinic Series.
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Delta Mustad


Mustad is a family of companies and leading brands that are rich in heritage and tradition; offering the farrier industry the finest products. We are proud of our investment in farrier related interests and our ongoing commitment to farrier schools and events around the world. The feedback we receive from farriers is invaluable as a means to improve our products and services. Many of the changes that have taken place over the past several years to our nails, shoes and tools are the direct result of ideas from farriers defining what they need to do their jobs more efficiently.



Life Data Labs


Life Data Labs, Inc. manufactures premium quality animal nutrition/health care products. We continue unparalleled research utilizing blood analysis to investigate the relationship between nutrition and specific conditions in horses. This updated process is derived from the one used by Dr. Frank Gravlee to develop Farrier’s Formula®, the #1 farrier recommended hoof supplement.



Kawell USA


Kawell develops and produces copper alloy horseshoes and inserts, giving horses the care that they need to fight issues associated with white line disease, seedy toe and thrush. The company holds a one-of-a-kind EPA certification and USN Alloy Registration for its copper alloy. Kawell's horseshoes and inserts have antimicrobial characteristics, and include other benefits such as better impact absorption. Kawell horseshoes and inserts are 100% safe for farrier usage.





The inspiration for Soft-Ride Comfort Boots came many years ago when we installed poured rubber floors in horse stalls at university-based veterinarian clinics and on leading horse farms and ranches. While our work helped us fulfill our mission of making life more comfortable for horses, it was a dirty, hot, messy job that always had us thinking, "There's got to be a better way."

We finally did come up with a "better way" when we invented the first Comfort Boots for horses. Since then, our industry leading Soft-Ride boots and gels have become — what we believe — are the best horse boots in the world. Our innovative Ice Spa and other products are all designed as a safe and simple way to help keep your horse healthy every day, every step of the way.

As we continue our drive to keep your horse on its feet, we've received more than 15 patents, shipped to over 50 countries, and worked with more than 6,000 veterinarians around the world, as well as every veterinary school in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. And with horse owners from every discipline using our products, we can safely and proudly say, "The best in the world rely on Soft-Ride."



Werkman Hoofcare



Werkman Hoofcare, established in Groningen, was formed in 1909. The founders, the brothers Hero and Berend Werkman, both farriers themselves, strived to provide their customers with excellent service in addition to top-quality horseshoes. In the past century, Werkman Hoofcare has exported many different models to countries all over the world. Today, the fourth Werkman generation has the reins of the company; Christel Werkman and her brother Peter Werkman. The focus is still on the customers and on product quality, yet, so much has changed. Nowadays and in response to the contemporary quality requirements imposed on horseshoes, there are continuously innovative developments.

Werkman Hoofcare is, more than ever, focusing on improving farriery. Our horseshoes are continuously being refined, improved, and adapted to contemporary market requirements. Besides this, we are also heavily investing in sensor motion technologies for the equine sector. In this manner, we can continue to supply our customers with high-quality horseshoes and improved hoofcare solutions.
As a customer-oriented organization, we value a good relationship with you, the farrier. The reliability of our organization and our employees play a crucial role in that regard.

If you would like to know more about our products, please visit www.werkmanhoofcare.com and for sensor technologies please visit www.werkmanblack.com.


Victory Premium

Victory Racing Plate Company


2021 marks the 92nd anniversary of The VICTORY Racing Plate Company! We are proud of our heritage as industry innovators and proud of our leadership role in the sport horse industry. In 1929, VICTORY proved that aluminum is a viable material to replace steel plates and in 1988, VICTORY proved again that aluminum could replace steel for many sport horses by introducing the ELITE Competition Shoe product line. VICTORY’s product family also includes: HOOF-LIFE hoof support and repair materials; horseshoe nails; steel training and harness racing plates; TRUE-FLITE, Thera-Flex and Hoof Shield hoof pads. VICTORY – world renowned for quality since 1929.



Work Sharp


Work Sharp has been creating sharpening tools since 1973 under the brands DAREX industrial bit sharpeners, DRILL DOCTOR professional and DIY drill bit sharpeners, and Work Sharp knife and tool sharpeners. A 4th generation family-owned business located in Ashland Oregon, Work Sharp exists to surprise and delight the customers who buy and use our products. “At our core we focus first on the experience the customer has with our products, and our company. From the first introduction they have with our brands to support after purchase, we strive to stand apart from mediocrity. As we move into the future with new products, new markets, and new ideas this will continue to be the cornerstone of what we do.”– Matthew Bernard, Owner & CEO. Work Sharp has established itself as the company people turn to when the want a sharp knife. With easy-to-use products that literally guide you through the process, Work Sharp is making the mystique that often comes with sharpening disappear. With intuitive products, world class customer service, and an educational series on their YouTube channel, anyone can go from having never sharpened before to sharping all their knives with confidence. Find out more at www.worksharptools.com





Equilox International Inc. specializes in equine horse hoof adhesives. Developed in 1988 after many trials and extensive research at leading universities and equine centers throughout the U.S., the Equilox Adhesive Hoof Repair System was originally used to treat competitive horses. Now, Equilox Adhesive is used by farriers, equine centers, and horse owners — as well as various zoo and wildlife centers — throughout the world.



Respond Systems


Respond Systems, Inc Equine has been manufacturing both cold laser and PEMF therapy in the USA for over 35 years. As a leader in the industry, Respond Systems’ mission is to improve the lives of horses through two of the most effective and non-invasive therapy modalities on the market today to help reduce pain and inflammation and promote healing. Renowned for the incredible effectiveness of our products and exemplary customer service, Respond Systems is your partner in therapy. Offering: Class 3b and Class 4 laser therapy, PEMF systems, small animal and equine. Fully rechargeable and battery-operated



Meader Supply


Meader’s is a family owned business located on our family farm in Rochester, NH. We have been serving the Farrier and Equine Industry for over 35 Years. We strive to be an integral part of your success and take pride in our commitment to providing nothing but the best quality products and supplies to help you reach your goals. 

We have a complete and extensive line of quality farrier products. Everything you need to shoe horses. From tools and aprons to shoes, nails and much more, we have the most up-to-date of what the farrier world has to offer. We are proud to be the largest farrier supply store in New England, serving farriers all across the country. 



Castle Plastics


Castle Plastics is a leading manufacturer of horseshoe pads in North America. We have been in the hoof care industry for over 25 years. We take pride in both the innovation and quality of all the products we have developed and introduced to the market over the years, as well as the fact that each and every item that leaves our facility is manufactured in house. Our goal is soundness for the equine athlete!





Founded in 1892 by Wilbur Fenelon Young and his wife, Mary Ida, W. F. Young, Inc. has manufactured and distributed quality animal health care products for over 125 years. The company is recognized as a worldwide leader in innovative, specialized animal health care brands – including Absorbine® Veterinary Liniment, UltraShield® fly control, ShowSheen® grooming products, Leather Therapy® leather care, Hooflex® hoof care, and The Missing Link®supplements – that improve wellness and enhance the quality and enjoyment of life for people and their animals. 



G.E. Forge


In 1946, George Earnest setup a small shop in Klamath Falls, Oregon, to fill requests for custom-made horseshoeing tools. One farrier told another about nippers that cut better and lasted longer than any others, and the enterprise grew. The business has changed ownership and location several times since, but since 1973, the Garner family has owned and operated G.E. Forge & Tool®.

During this time, they have developed and produced many industry leading products. Tools that are named for George Earnest still make the farrier’s work easier and hold up better under hard use than all the rest. This tradition is continuing into its third generation with no end in sight. Our high quality staff aim to give you the customer service and quality product you deserve. Our pledge to our customers is to continue this tradition of excellence, combining the craftsmanship of skilled hands with modern methods and machinery, to produce superior tools.



Manna Pro


At Manna Pro®, we believe in Nurturing Life. Since 1985 with roots dating back to 1842, Manna Pro® has been committed to providing high-quality, nutritionally wholesome feeds, supplements, treats and care products to your horses at every stage of their lives. As a company comprised of animal lovers we understand the desire to provide your horses with the very best. Our passion is happy, healthy pets and we are your trusted partner to do just that.


3M logo science applied to life



We work hard to improve lives, so you can focus on living yours.

In your day-to-day life, there is often not enough time to focus on what matters most to you: Your passions. Your family. Your friends. Your career. Your hobbies. Fortunately, at 3M you have 89,000 curious minds focused on the task of generating breakthroughs that help make your life better, easier and more complete. We do this by embracing the creativity and risk taking to innovate. Guided by the notion that science is just science … until you apply it to something. You may not always realize you are surrounded by 3M science, but you feel the impact of it every day: In safer food. Safer roads. Safer airplanes. In cleaner cities. Cleaner hospitals. Cleaner air and power. Each day, we’re building, growing and working together to push the boundaries of innovation again and again. For you. And for those most important to you. 3M Animal Care has been serving the animal health industry for more than five decades, providing high quality products and services to veterinary professionals, trainers and pet owners in the companion animal and equine marketplace. 




We produce quality hoof care products for treating lower limb pathologies as well as preventing lameness and improving performance in equine athletes. Some of our most recent developments are the KrosschecK ™ Leverage Testing Device and the EZBLOX ™ X-Ray Boots.

EDSS is also the producer or US Distributor for product lines that include the FREEDOM Shoe, the adjustable EDSS treatment system, Natural Balance ® Shoes, Centre Fit ™ Shoes, Vulcan ™ Shoes, Sole Support Impression Material, Steward Clogs, Equicast® Shoes & Casting, HoofTite ® , DuraCornum and Red Horse Products.

We pride ourselves on offering hoof care education, plus support and information on all of our products. Contact Information: Equine Digit Support System, Inc.


Contact: Cody Ovnicek 15860 State Hwy 115 Penrose, CO 81240

Phone: 719-372-7463 Fax: 719-372-7272 

www.edsshoofcare.com www.shopedss.com e-mail: edssinc@gmail.com


Meader Supply

Northeast Association of Equine Practitioners


With the NAEP being the first organization to include farriers in the definition of “equine practitioners”, the NAEP is actively encouraging the relationship between veterinarians and farriers as well as providing multiple educational opportunities to enhance their knowledge, skills and abilities.


We encourage farriers and veterinarians working together for the well-being of the horse through communication and continuing education.



Kent Nutrition Group


Sentinel® Guardian of Equine Health®

At Blue Seal, we know your horse’s health is important to you. We’ve combined decades of experience with the latest research and innovative technologies to continually craft better ways to formulate our Sentinel® products to feed your equine companions. The family of Sentinel horse feeds and supplements are formulated with many features offering nutritional health benefits for your horse including our exclusive gutWise Techology™. When you select Sentinel, you can be confident that you’ve made the best feed choice for your equine partner. Our commitment to your horse means providing the most innovative equine nutrition to maintain digestive health, provide immune support, and sustain whole body wellness.



American Farriers journal


To enhance your educational experience, check out these additional free resources provided by American Farriers Journal.

file iconDownloadable eGuides American Farriers Journal offers a wide variety of eGuides designed to keep you up to date on business practices and innovative hoof-care topics. When you sign up for this free resource, you'll get access to all downloads, webinars and e-newsletters. Learn more here.


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podcast iconPodcasts – The American Farriers Journal Podcast features topics related to farrier careers and insights on a myriad of subjects to grow farrier expertise. Learn more here.

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