Thanks to our educational partners for sponsoring the 16th annual International Hoof-Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio, January 22-25, 2019. Learn more about these leading hoof-care companies below.

2019 International Hoof-Care Summit Educational Partners:

Hoof Care Summit Sponsor, Life Data Labs

Life Data Labs


Life Data Labs Inc. is a dedicated product manufacturer committed to producing premium quality animal nutrition and health products through continuous product improvement and new product development. First-class ingredients, fresh products, consistent high quality and scientifically proven effectiveness are the principal features of Life Data Labs animal health products. That's why they've produced the #1 recommended hoof supplement by farriers for 12 consecutive years.

Hoof Care Summit Sponsor, EDS

Equine Digital Support System


Equine Digit Support System, Inc., develops and manufactures innovative products and information to help restore and maintain soundness in the domestic equine. For over 20 years they have specialized in products such as the Natural Balance® Shoe to treat lower limb equine pathologies, including a multitude of lameness conditions. EDSS continues to promote soundness in horses and reduce the gap between domestic horses and the naturally maintained foot with their products and ongoing research.

Hoof Care Summit Sponsor, Castle Plastics

Castle Plastics


For over 25 years, Castle Plastics has been involved in the hoof-care industry. Today they are a leading manufacturer of horseshoe pads in North America, dedicated to developing and manufacturing 100% of their products in house. They work together with farriers and horseshoe supply dealers to accomplish their goal of soundness for the equine athlete.

Hoof Care Summit Sponsor, ELPO



ELPO is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the treatment and prevention of lameness in horses. Their mission focuses on progressive research and education for equine health, and to create practical protocols for helping horses. The organization and its members take pride in providing a community where horse owners, horse enthusiasts and equine professionals can get help, offer assistance, exchange ideas and socialize about the health and soundness of their equine companions.

Hoof Care Summit Sponsor, Vettec Animal Health



Vettec Manufactures hoof care products that allow the professional to successfully complete hoof repairs, glue-on shoes, and create instant shoes and foal extensions. Vettec’s instant pad materials promote heel and sole growth as well as protect and support the equine foot. Are Vettec Adhesives in your Tool Box? Call us today at 800-483-8832 or visit our website to learn more.




SmartPak is the country’s largest online retailer serving the needs of the active and engaged horse owner. The patented SmartPak supplement feeding system was designed to simplify administration of nutritional supplements and medications to horses. SmartPak’s offering also includes its own line of 70 formulas called SmartSupplements, and a wide variety of tack, equipment and supplies.

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